I’m up 124% for [the] last 12 months on all my trades.

Pete,Tingoora, Qld

All the trades I have made have been profitable. Best trade is WZR – over double the buy price.

MV, Piara Waters, Qld

I have had exceptional success mainly following the simple principle of taking part profits as each milestone is reached e.g., 30%, 50% and 100%. Thank you – I’ve never felt so alive as I have since playing in this market to your rules.

WLG, Newmarket, Qld

Episode 1

Why I Quit my Job as a Successful Financial Planner to Hunt Mosquitoes…

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  • Three BIG reasons why there aren’t more rich, successful traders in Australia…
  • How to harness one of the most powerful forces in the market to time your entry and exit points in small-cap trades…
  • How it only takes a couple of good trades a year to make a real difference to your trading account…and your future plans…
  • The ‘little guy’ advantage: Why big funds can’t trade high potential small-cap stocks…and you can!

Ryan Dinse has been a trader, wealth manager, senior analyst and fintech entrepreneur for more than 20 years.

For seven years prior to joining Port Phillip Publishing, Ryan was a financial planner at a big Melbourne-based institution.

He had around $150 million in funds under management on his book. And looked after more than 600 clients.

In his final two years there, Ryan was his team’s number one planner. He hit his targets more often than anyone else.

Today, Ryan edits the Money Morning daily email, and helps Australian investors capitalise on fast run-ups in small stocks through his two advisory services: Exponential Stock Investor and Small-Cap Momentum Alert.